Dining for Smiles

What: A dinner to benefit Alliance for Smiles! Donations will support our upcoming medical missions.

How: Each host will collect money from their guests to attend a dinner or party. All funds will be donated to AfS.

Here are some ideas for events:
Dinner for 10 @ $75 per person
Barbeque for 20 @ $30 per person
Gourmet Dinner for 6 @ $100 per person
Superbowl Party @ $20 per person, with a "split-the-winnings" pool

When: Whenever you want! Originally held in February of 2010 to coincide with National Children's Dental Health Month, this has now become a year-round event that can be held at a time convenient for you.

Where: Each host will sponsor an event in the location of their choosing. People have held events at their houses, at parks, or have even gotten a local restaurant or bar to donate their space.

Why: Our goal is to raise funds to help transform children's lives and increase public awareness of the work of AfS.

For further information or if you are interested in hosting an event - please contact us.