A person's destiny might be the result of being in the right place at the right time. If you ask Juliana, she would attest to the fact that God’s intervention is the direct cause her baby Destiny being placed in our care for repair of her cleft lip.

The family lives in the village of Ikotun near Lagos. Destiny is the 5th child born to Juliana and her husband. Unfortunately, her husband, a driver in the public transportation department for the state, was killed in a traffic accident when Juliana was 5 months pregnant with Destiny. She now depends on her pastor and church family to assist with caring for her children.

Destiny was born with a cleft lip. After giving birth, Juliana was concerned but hopeful that SOME DAY, SOME HOW she would find SOMEONE to repair her child’s broken smile. Juliana was referred to a clinic in Lagos about a month ago, and learned of a team of volunteers with Alliance for Smiles coming in June to offer FREE cleft lip and palate surgeries. It was an answer to her prayers.

Destiny was scheduled for surgery on Thursday the 19th. Unfortunately, she had consumed whole milk and cereal just prior and the AfS team was unable to perform surgery. But it was Destiny’s destiny to have corrective surgery and she was rescheduled for Saturday the 21st with much anticipation for her mother, Juliana.

After surgery, Juliana came to the recovery room to see Destiny. She immediately got down on her hands and knees to thank God for this miracle. In recovery she sang, “Destiny is a Winner.” She thanked everyone for giving Destiny a smile that will provide her with her ultimate destiny--the chance to have a normal life.