Daily Briefing - May 23, 2015

Our goal is to provide medical care for as many children as possible. To facilitate this, we require that patients arrive by 3:00pm the day before their surgery. This ensures that the local nurses can monitor them overnight for food intake, fever, cough and other ailments.

That said, sometimes life gets in the way of schedules and compassion reigns supreme. Late yesterday afternoon, our pediatrician received a frantic call from a family that was stuck on the road due to rain. She made them a deal: arrive before midnight and their child could still have surgery today. They got in at 8:00 pm.

Now, after an eventful morning of playing with bubbles, laughing, smiling... and undergoing cleft lip surgery, Zhao Chao Cheng (in yellow) is resting peacefully in the recovery ward. We look forward to sending him home tomorrow; and hopefully his ride will be traffic-free.

If you peek into our operating rooms during surgery, you might see a green blur quickly moving between the instrument table, surgeon, anestesiologist and supply drawers. It’s not an illusion; it’s just our international team of OR nurses ensuring that every second of every operation goes smoothly.

Our surgeons have often stated how lucky they feel to be working with the amazing team of Xie Lumei, Chow Fong, Li Juan, Becky Steed, Jiang Yongqiang, Wang Jin Bin and Anne Partridge (L-R in photo).

Fun Fact: While this is OR Nurse Anne Partridge’s first mission, her mother - Lyn Thorpe - is a long-time veteran  of more than a dozen Alliance for Smiles missions.