China Population Welfare Foundation

CPWF Staff Picture
CPWF Staff with Dr. Colin Wong


When AfS plans a medical mission, we need to work with on‐site partners to coordinate all aspects of the mission. Since our first days, our primary partner in China has been the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF).  We could not complete a mission without their invaluable support. Months before a mission even begins CPWF works with other governmental organizations to find the hospitals, complete patient screening, and deal with obtaining temporary medical licenses for our team. Once we are on site, CPWF provides food and accommodation for our team and for the patients and their families. They also send representatives who remain on site for the entire mission to handle any other logistics.

In 2012 a campaign was conducted by the Guizhou Provincial Family Planning Association to provide an approximate count of un-repaired cleft lip and palate cases in the Guizhou Province of China. Twelve Hundred untreated children were found, and they subsequently signed an agreement with CPWF to treat these children. Alliance for Smiles, as part of the Happy Smiles program, developed a plan with these two agencies to treat this backlog of 1200 patients over a three year period, and to eventually establish two Treatment Centers in major cities of the Province.

As part of this plan, AfS has completed ten medical missions in the Guizhou Province, and the two Treatment Centers have been founded in Zunyi and Guiyang!  We are very proud to be part of this important project, and it would not have been possible without our partnership with CPWF.