2021 Time-For-Smiles


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2021 Time-For-Smiles

One in ten children born with cleft lip or palate conditions around the world are killed at or shortly after birth due to the condition. Those who survive face manifold health, mental, and emotional challenges, and often suffer abuse and abandonment by their own families and communities.

While this is a highly treatable condition, requiring an initial surgery that takes about an hour and a half, children born into places without trained medical teams or who cannot afford the treatment suffer unimaginable consequences.

The volunteers and donors who support AfS in its mission make it possible for children all over the world to receive the treatment they need and for local medical teams to receive the training and equipment to build local capacity to sustainably provide long-term care.

COVID brought massive challenges but also fantastic innovations to our work. We had to adapt to changing circumstances and expand our programs to include the remote training of medical teams around the world. This was so successful that it will become a permanent part of our offerings even after we can resume standard missions. This program was only possible thanks to the continued support of AfS donors and volunteers. None of this is possible without you!

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